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A new game, a new future: Cyborg3003

So here it is, started this new project on march,1 2023. After exactly 5 months I'm releasing this Trailer and Steam game page. For now it is just me, but I will open vacancies for new members, after all, this game must have the apropriate support to be the best game possible.

Here is the Steam game page, in case you want to follow the game and know more about this world. Maybe you want to download super cool game images ;)

I'm also here to let you know my steps with this game. Right now, Cyborg3003 is using Unreal Engine 5, with DLSS 3.0 support. You guys deserve the best and I'm here to give you my best.


Follow me on any other social medias, I will be very grateful

Take a look on this gameplay screens, if you like games like DOOM and Killing Floor, I think you will like it. It's all about Cyborgs, aliens and monsters.

Cyborg eliminating a giant monster, explosion and blood
Kill the giant with your upgraded weapon

A giant lizard monster coming from smoke
Do you like weapons and monsters?

Cyborg shooting a alien inside a lake with monsters
It's all about shoot and survive

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21 oct. 2023
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Keep going, it looks nice

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