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He's back - a little boss for you 😱😁

Hello everyone, he's back 😁🙏 For those who don't know, this is the character from Shadows of Kepler (abandoned project)

I'm putting him into the game Cyborg3003. I'm so happy to test and see that he fits very well into the game. It think it will be a great addition to the Cyborg3003 universe.

Octopus monster

Octopus monster

Thank God everything is going as it should and the release was brought forward by 1 month and is now scheduled for November 6th.

So if you like the genre, help me to spread the world, with you I don't feel I'm alone, by the way, I'm never alone, GOD is with me and he knows my actions, desires and objectives.

Shooting laser creature survival horror

If you want, add it to your Steam wishlist:

Thank you very much in advance and let's have fun in cooperative mode against Cyborg3003's mysterious planets.

Rodrigo Banzato

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