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The importance of completing projects for independent game developers

And that's where persistence and the tireless search for knowledge come in, there is nothing you can't do, but everything has a price and 99% of the people I see and talk to are not willing to pay that price, whether with studies or with financial expenses.

When I start to look back, I begin to understand the importance of completing our own projects, how rewarding it is to complete each stage and live each experience. If you want to see some of my games, just go to:

Steam games

When taking the risk of developing a game alone, as was the case with Parallel and is now the case with Cyborg3003, most people might think, but it is risky to create a game alone, without the support of any publisher, yes, this really is a mission where you cannot put money as the main objective, think of a ladder where you will still have to climb many steps. The experience we gain is something that you carry with you for life, especially on your CV or portfolio. Today, for example, I also give private classes and help with other projects, which is also very rewarding.

indie game folcdark

One of them in particular is from my student Julio Oliveira, who produced a game alone and already had its first sales on Steam, see his first game:

He is producing and finishing other DLCs (game expansions), which is even more gratifying. We study strategies together, what can go right, what can go wrong. All of this sharing the little experience I have developing games for more than 10 years.

For those who have doubts, Julio has been making his games in his free time, even though he knows the difficulties, his study is constant and I always take this into consideration in developers, it is necessary to have a "routine" as a developer.

But I don't stop here, I always like to think in the long term, 10, 15 years from now. How many games will I have played in this period? How many projects can I participate in? I take great care to know exactly what I want, which is, in fact, to be a game developer, create worlds, put ideas into practice and most importantly of all, finish each project or work in the best way possible.

I believe it is extremely important to close cycles and start new cycles, which bring experience and sagacity from previous projects.

It's great to start a project, already having a good knowledge, the vision is completely different. We are talking here about everything that involves planning, organization, goals, in short, knowing how far you can go with a project.

Leave anxiety aside, it is one of the worst things for a developer. I'm tired of seeing how many people get frustrated, just because they put motivation first. As soon as the first big problem arises, your motivation goes completely to waste.


And that's where PERSISTING and the tireless search for knowledge comes in, there is nothing you can't do, but everything has a price and 99% of the people I see and talk to are not willing to pay that price, whether through studies or with financial expenses.

In the image below you can see me dressed in cosplay, with my stand at Brasil Game Show and with the big BRKsEDU, who made an incredible gameplay of Parallel, if you want to check: BRKsEDU playing Parallel

BRKsEDU com Parallel, Rodrigo Banzaro e Rayane no pequeno estande da Brasil Game Show

I would like to end this text by saying that developing games and completing projects is something that has to be taken very seriously and know that you need to have a lot of patience and, above all, the desire to make things happen.

Good luck with your projects, be inspired and be prepared for difficulties.

Leave your comment, question or suggestion, I'm here to inspire, teach and motivate people.

Rodrigo Banzato

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