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Creating a game in Unreal Engine 5.2 with DLSS 3.0 (frame generation)

This is how it is with Cyborg3003, but wait, first and foremost, DLSS 3.0 is an extra bit of performance and quality. Despite the criticism regarding its exclusivity for the RTX4000, I can say that the overall quality of the game, both in terms of calculation speed and framerate, has improved a lot.

DLSS 3.0 adds two tools to its algorithm: the Optical Stream Accelerator and the generation of multiple frames from a single one.

pistol alien dark night noite pistola bixo chupa cabra
In-game image of the game Cyborg 3003

But calm down, let's analyze the result in practice. In the image below you notice the artifacts that may eventually appear, some parts have some traces or blur, but really, I don't know if it's the lighting or the speed of the game, but in Cyborg3003 I don't notice any of these defects during gameplay, I'm playing with my friends online in co-op and the experience with DLSS3.0 on an RTX4070 has been fantastic! The game is fast and has a somewhat "dark" style, perhaps this helps to disguise the DLSS artifacts. But not only in the visual part, I feel that the game's calculations are also much faster.

dlss3 dlss3.5 dlss4

The desire to apply DLSS3.0 as something standardized is great, but as a developer, I know that I have to include this as something additional, after all, not everyone will have access to "frame generation".

Talking a little more about the game, before turning on DLSS3.0, the performance was a little above my old GTX1080Ti. But when I managed to turn on DLSS3.0 in UE5, my world transformed as I easily went beyond 60 FPS. Below you can see how simple it is to apply the blueprint in Unreal and activate DLSS:

plugin dlss3 na unreal engine 5
DLSS3.0 blueprint on Unreal Engine 5 - automatic mode

If you have one of Nvidia's 4000 series cards, be sure to have a great experience with Cyborg 3003, at least in games made with Unreal Engine 5, which has been my case. If you don't have it, Cyborg3003 still works on much weaker cards, especially putting the quality in the medium range.

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Nowadays we already have DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction and also the new version of Unreal Engine 5.3. DLSS 3.5 is a new AI model that creates high-quality ray traced images for ray traced games and applications. But make no mistake, although it is available for all RTX cards, it will not work with the "Frame generation" on all RTX, that is, the "frame generation" technology only works on cards from the 4000 series onwards. And what to expect from the RTX5000 series and DLSS 4.0? Technology doesn't stop, it just remains to be seen if we will be willing to pay the price, as these new cards are coming and are already coming at an absurd price.

cyborg ciborgue lutando com monstro fighting a monster サイボーグ シボーグ ルタンド コム モンスター モンスターと戦う
Cyborg3003 in the RTX4000 series

My desire to always learn and try to adapt to the most modern technology for games is recorded here. Maybe my game isn't as light as other games, especially free ones, but rest assured that regardless of whether it has 10 or 1000 players, it was the project I had and I have the passion to do and I hope that my message means something for you and that takes you forward in life, whatever you chose, do everything with lots of love and dedication. Success is sometimes on the path taken and not on arrival, think about that.

A big hug.

Rodrigo Banzato

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Oct 29, 2023

Awesome, need more


Oct 26, 2023
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