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How to structure the beginning of your 3D game? How to structure your career as a game developer?

Welcome, this is Rodrigo Banzato, creator of the games Clown2Beat, Shadows of Kepler, Parallel and the most recent Cyborg3003, let's chat about game production.

When we start working on game development, we need to understand the importance of creating the base of the game, and it will be adjusted according to the type of mechanics chosen. After having the idea consolidated, we move on to the general aspects of the production itself.

design images of the game development inside the game industry

Let's assume that your game is focused on a single protagonist, who is viewed through an external (third-person) camera. It is extremely important to consolidate all the essential details of this MAIN character, before starting to think about other production objectives. What I most often see are people running over processes and having a project full of delays, which leads to a general lack of quality. This, thinking, of course, of a solo, independent production.

The more tests you do, the more certain you will be of your choices. Create different types of walking for your character, study references, different details, etc... see which one fits the character best. Don't forget that probably 99% of the time people will be looking at the character during the game, so the level of attention here has to be doubled.

A cyborg looking to the space on a window inside a space ship
Image of my game Cyborg3003

Include all details of animation movement, reaction, stroke, style, facial expression, color, texture, material, etc. There are so many things that we can only focus on the character for a long time, for example, will he get dirty or change his clothes during the game? What kind of accessories or weapons will he have? We have to think about several possibilities because we can structure the character's materials to adapt to different occasions, such as wet, dirty, etc.

Cyborg fighting a monster with a flamethrower
Image of my game Cyborg3003

I know we have that desire to create other things along the way, but it's important to stay focused, why put off doing what you can do now? Don't know how to animate? Learn it. Want to get a free animation? Take it, but at least know how to adjust an animation to give your character a unique walking characteristic, for example. That's what I'm talking about, doing what you know others aren't doing, out of sheer laziness or lack of knowledge. Study is something that is part of a production, as each production brings a challenge.

The greater the ease, the greater the laziness, the lower the quality and the lower the commitment.

This is how I see it in 99% of cases, a lack of attention to detail, which can make a difference later on in your career as a game developer.

Forget about anxiety and follow the plan.

Creating an entire game is no easy task, I say this from the experience I had in creating the games Parallel, Clown2Beat and Cyborg3003 on my own. Much of the success of completing the games comes from the experience I already had in other areas. Because knowledge is never thrown away, it belongs and is part of you. Later on, you end up realizing that every detail made a difference, sometimes not for the work itself, but for the opportunities that will appear for you in your career as a developer.

Think like an investor, someone who has a lot of money and is willing to invest in a professional. Who will he choose, the one who always gave his all and thought of every detail, not limiting himself to just one role or the one who did everything the easiest way and is unaware of other difficulties? I'm saying this in the case of a game producer/developer.

money and plant

Yes, the one who produces is completely in synergy with the entire production, he is the one who guides, exemplifies techniques, has a clinical perspective, all of this makes a lot of difference. At the beginning of my studies, a sky blue was any blue, today I look at a scene and I already know what kind of blue I want, this perception comes with time.

And if you've ever made an entire game by yourself, you know what I'm talking about, there are so many details that we have to take care of and that couldn't be given to people with little experience or who choose the easiest path. I really like professionals who don't limit themselves and are always interested in studying art, logic and development in general.

I even see this in game development courses, it's a shame to see so many people spending their money on simple, basic courses with content that you can get on the internet for free and with even better quality.

We live in a generation of lazy people, of people who complain about everything and are not willing to walk on stones.

lazy guy on a chair not working

That's how I see it whenever I have the opportunity to meet other people in the area, they just complain, no one is willing to spend, and when I say spend, I mean spending time, money and brain cells, mainly.

Let's get to the complaints...

  • "But this course takes time, it's expensive, it's difficult, I saw a course that teaches the entire course in 1 week"

  • "But today, a friend of mine, made a game in 1 day"

  • "But also, you can only do this with a motion capture system, they have a lot of money"

  • "Imagine, spending that money, I'd better go on that great trip, leave that for later"

My friend, let me tell you something, you will swim, swim and swim some more, but you will never get anywhere, because this game may not be for you, because while you complain there are people investing and studying nonstop.

The people I met who did something were the most hardworking and never limited themselves and were always willing to learn new things. People with attitude, who never complain, just give thanks.

I was and remain that way to this day, let me give you an example. I studied anatomy drawing, clay sculpture, furniture construction, varied 3D models, organic and inorganic, animation, light, electronic model, script, storyboard, cinematic, photography, art for games, countless software, material creation, effects, editing videos, marketing, logo, dubbing, acting, post production etc... I would stay here all day talking about what I have already studied and put into practice, all because I have always had this attitude of wanting to learn more and more.

multiple talent, multiple ideas, brilhant mind

In other words, being part of a production, I can clearly understand the challenges of creating a super detailed character and whether there is such a need or not, I can understand how much time a good 3D animator takes to animate a scene and so on.

Make no mistake, so far there have been countless personal projects and perhaps you will follow in my footsteps.

And if I have inspired you in any way, I hope you are successful in your work and never forget that sometimes defeat is the stepping stone towards success, it really depends on how you see things and where you want to get to.

Good luck, inspire and motivate the people around you. You already won!

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