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New ICE PLANET and SNIPER BLAST map - Happy 2024

Hello all, here is Rodrigo, this time I bring you the ICE PLANET map, a map of ice and snow, prepared for you to face the hordes of monsters, which are increasingly difficult. And also, of course, a new weapon couldn't be missing, the SNIPER BLAST, with its long-range aim and great shooting power.

big fat monster, creature of ice, ice planet, cyborg3003

Choose the number of hordes and get ready. Hit the head, blowing up the big monsters you can get special items.

This is another continuation of Cyborg, among some bug fixes and improvements, we have:

1 - found and eliminated the grenade lock bug that prevented the player from being able to shoot.

2 - camera corrections and specific animations of shots.

3 - More accurate and faster BOTs.

4 - Added visual energy field and sound explosion count when holding the grenade.

5 - Added the skills, Support and Medic, to the weapon selection window.

6 - Localization also made for Portuguese and Spanis

Check out the trailer for the new map:

We also have 2 more achievements on Steam, beating the final boss with Sniper Blast, guaranteeing Sniper GOLD and winning 4 attack waves on the new Ice Planet map.

As always, I'm following the comments in the discussions tab, feel free to send a message, chat with me or follow the news that will arrive in the game:

Cyborg3003 is an indie game made by Rodrigo Banzato, looking for opportunities to bring this game to other platforms such as Xbox and Playstation. You can play Early Access on Steam right now and help Cyborg3003 evolve.

Don't forget to check out what's to come over time in Cyborg3003, at this link:

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