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Cyborg3003 - Road Map

Updated: Jan 4

Hello everyone, continuing with the production of Cyborg3003, now I want to introduce you to the scenario, Ice Planet, which is almost ready:

Looking at the images, I always take into account the general view of the game, the color, the relief, the light, the photography, the brightness, the shader, the composition, etc. These details are fine-tuned after many tests, including the gameplay, wherewe tested the dimension and fluidity of the scenario.

Ice alien planet with monster's atack on two cyborgs

As I always say, everything can be improved or adjusted, but we set goals and use common sense to move forward, because after all, developing games goes far beyond creating the art of the game.

Since Cyborg3003's early access launch, the game has already undergone some updates, for example, on the Eruptia map, the player can now choose 4 levels of attack waves.Starting the game with just 1 wave has its challenges and is a lot of fun too.

Enemies can now drop items for the player, such as ammo, life, etc. And the Bots are now faster and help the player more for those who want company during the game.

Thinking about the ongoing work on Cyborg3003, I want to present you with a very simple road map of what's to come.A lot of people ask me about this and I think you'll be very excited about Cyborg3003's projection over time.At least that's my idea.


1 - Eruptia (already playable map where the player finds himself in the middle of giant trees, clay and water)

2 - Ice Planet (a planet of ice and snow)

3 - Vulcan (a planet where the player finds himself inside a volcano with lava, fire and huge craters)

4 - Chloroplant (a green planet rich in vegetation and plants)

5 - Giger Planet (a tribute to H.R Giger, with a planet rich in the theme of the creator of Aliens)


1 - Venon Strike (a laser machine gun)

2 - Shotgun Blast (a laser shotgun)

3 - Venon Pistol (a laser pistol)

4 - Sniper Venon (a rifle with precise aim)

5 - Rocket Strike (a powerful but slow missile launcher)

6 - Flame Blast (a powerful flame thrower)

7 - Super Venon Pistol (a very powerful but slow pistol)

8 - Mine venon Strike (double machine gun)

Special items that can be applied to improvement classes during the game

1 - Mine turret to fight monsters

2 - Pilotable cyborg spider with great strength to fight monsters


1 - spider

2 - dragon

3 - worm

4 - bigfat

5 - skewer

6 - insect

7 - octopus

8 - giant earthworm

9 - boss 2


1 - Customization of weapons, cyborgs and dedicated servers for the game

2 - Creation of a campaign with a beginning, middle and end, for each map.

Other goals

1 - Full localization of the game in all Steam languages

2 - improved graphical optimization

3 - improvement in the exploration and reaction of Bots in the game

4 - tell details of the game's story through the menus

This is all planned to be done over the next year, to make Cyborg3003 an increasingly complete game, with the idea of always improving and surprising players.

With the support of each of you, playing the early access version on Steam, I can listen to your opinions and make changes to the game.I make this game for you and I hope you enjoy the direction the game is taking, it's a theme and style of game that I personally really like.

If you want to shoot and blow up big monsters, with lots of blood and terror, welcome to Cyborg3003.Your experience and enjoyment is my satisfaction.


Rodrigo Banzato

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