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Cyborg3003 will be released on Steam on November 6th

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Cyborg3003 began production in March 2023 and is being developed by the same creator of the game Parallel, released in 2022. The early access launch is November 6th on Steam

This time, Rodrigo Banzato presents a game more aimed at the profile of players who like games like Killing Floor, DOOM, Serious Sam, Zombie Army, Left4Dead among others. After all, it's always good to have fun shooting hordes of monsters and enemies.

cyborg in front of a giant monster

The game presents you as a cyborg, who travels through space in search of colonizing a planet and restoring the human race, as it once was. The only thing that still makes you human is your brain.

Upon landing in Eruptia, the game's first map, the player must face waves of attacks and face local enemies who will want to eliminate you at all costs. And to face them you will have a limited number of lives and weapons such as the Venon Strike, Shotgun Blast or laser pistol. Among the explosives you can choose grenades or claymores, which are placed on the ground.

kind of a robot holding a pistol in a alien planet

It is also worth noting that you can choose a perk, which varies from more resistance, more ammunition or more explosives. And every 3 winning game cycles, your cyborg armor will undergo upgrades, possibly reaching gold armor that will enable more resistance and jumping strength. These improvements can also reach weapons, which undergo upgrades and become golden weapons, with more precision and firepower.

The player can choose different cameras to play, in first person or third person. As the Assault starting class, the player can also distribute ammunition to themselves or friends during the game.

exploding enemies with a rifle in the game

The game is very focused on the style of destroying your enemies, with lots of blood, explosions and dismemberments, something very familiar to the genre. The game also has two difficulties, and for the most challenging players, the hardcore difficulty brings great challenges. The game becomes very difficult when playing as a single player, but from 2 players onwards the experience becomes a little more interesting, going up to 6 players. But make no mistake, your lives are balanced with the team, if your friend dies, you will also be losing lives. It is worth noting that the game also has the help option of 2 bots, for those who want extra help, even playing in single player.

holding a shotgun in the alien planet Eruptia

The game's achievements on Steam are also very challenging, among which it is worth highlighting: blowing up a dragon (hunter) with a grenade while it is flying or winning the entire game without dying or taking any damage.

Finally, the game is being released as early access, a very common practice on Steam that allows the developer to bring improvements or news according to the community. According to Rodrigo, one of the biggest challenges is to create a community that supports the game and makes its progress sustainable. Among the next updates, we may have new maps, new weapons, new creatures and so on. Rodrigo highlights that it is the players who will decide the direction of the game and that developers must always be aware of possible changes or improvements to a project.

throwing a grenade into a dragon

To keep up to date with the latest news, there is also the official website which has blogs from the creator, giving tips for developers and talking more about the challenge of developing games.

A big hug

Rodrigo Banzato

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